Signs You Need To Get a Dental Filling

Dental tooth filling is one of the few dental restoration procedures that are carried out on the teeth. With this method, the initial state of health of the teeth is restored. There are many reasons for opting for a dental filling. Some of them are under-listed.

  1. Bleeding

Talking about more classic signs of teeth problems, bleeding is an offshoot of dental problems. Brushing becomes more difficult as the gums bleed due to the harsh abrasion. Periodontal disease requires a dental filling especially when bleeding sets in. tooth decay or gingivitis are causes of bleeding in the gums. However, there are other dental diseases that are characterized by bleeding.

  1. Bad Breath

Although this is uncommon amongst people, it signifies a rising concern in the dental structure. Bad breathe is a serious health issue. Halitosis (bad breathe) arises when the cavities are damaged. While some people may have halitosis due to poor dental care, it may be due to more serious health issues. This dental problem requires dental filling solutions.

Once cavities set in, they drill small holes in the teeth. The bigger the hole gets, the more it can trap food particles. Further accumulation leads to halitosis.

  1. Discoloration of Teeth – Presence of Holes

Apart from the holes caused by cavities, they also make the teeth more brittle. Eventually, brittle tooth chips easily. The creation of cavities begins from the accumulated discoloration of the teeth.

The Benefits of White Tooth Fillings

Some years ago, metal amalgams and silver fillings were the best choices for filling the teeth. The advent of white tooth fillings has reduced the rate at which others are sold. The reason for selecting tooth-colored is to boost the appearance of one’s smile. Unfortunately, the inner corners of the teeth blacken after a long time period of time especially the silver amalgams.

Since the 1960s, the white or composite fillings have been in existence. Their durability and strength have improved in recent times. For this reason, they are placed in the back teeth to inhibit the blackening of that region.

Unfortunately, the subsequent expansion of metal fillings leads to cracks in teeth. Because of the mercury content, they are also toxic. That is why some dentists do not recommend them to patients anymore.

Plastic and glass particles are components of white fillings which are safer and healthier. They restore the original strength of the tooth as they cure easily.

A few nuggets about composites

  • They are quite pricey and are more difficult to place than amalgam
  • Although they have a high longevity, they do not compare to that of meta fillings
  • Flossing and brushing are maintenance practices of composites
  • Composites are prone to stains. Examples are alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, colored mouthwash, and more.
  • Crowns are good substitutes for composites in the event of tooth decay.