The Potential Risks, Benefits and Negative Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is a well-liked eye operation performed on several patients nowadays, because this particular operation can correct several issues with eye visions. Following the surgery, people don’t need to put on contacts or correction glasses any longer. This is among the advantages of a lasek however, what most people don’t realize is there are additionally a couple of lasek risks and negative effects.


Since Lasik eye surgical treatment is popular, the majority of the patients who’ve had this sort of operation before happen to be happy with their results, meaning they’ve had advantages being an outcome in the surgery. The advantages of this surgery include:

1. Improved vision, therefore, people are very happy they don’t need to put on contacts and glasses any longer.

2. Patients make the most of their recently fixed vision by exploring and experiencing new careers they could not do before because of the limitations their previous vision gave for them.

3. Also, those who have had this operation can also enjoy sports along with other fun activities where vision would be a previous problem because of the contacts or glasses that they have to put on to be able to take part in the game correctly. There are also cases with individuals putting on contacts or glasses where accidents would occur when a product used hanging around, for instance, a ball, would hit their eye and would either damage their glasses or their eyes itself since the contacts may have probably either fallen out or moved further in to the eye.

4. Lasik eye surgical treatment is a effective and safe treatment, which continues to be demonstrated by the amount of those who have had this operation, plus their positive feedback and results.

5. Some research has shown that 93% of patients have a 20/40 vision following the surgical procedures or a much better ratio, departing patients using the pleasure of not getting to put on contacts or glasses.

6. The data worldwide of satisfied, pleased Lasik patients is definitely an impressive 95%.

If you wish to obtain the statistics from the clinic in which you intend on getting your surgery in, then, you are able to ask the clinic staff or perhaps your attending physician for this. It’s advised that you simply do this so you are aware in case your selected clinic is really a reliable one. It might be also best to speak to a couple of previous patients of the physician so that you can convey more sources and for that reason, you are able to see whether you have to find another eye doctor or otherwise.

Even though the number of patients experiencing conflicts with this particular operation is extremely small, you may still find risks and complications which exist and occur. The lasek risks and negative effects contain:

1. Eye infections

2. Dry eyes

3. Lack of a obvious vision

4. Irregular astigmatism

5. Sensitivity to light

6. Fuzzy vision

7. Difficulty in seeing during the night

8. A glare or haloed vision

9. Discomfort or discomfort within the eye, just like an itchy feeling

10. Red or pink sightings within the white-colored area of the eye

Despite these risks and negative effects, they really rarely occur. But when these do take place, they may be easily treated by medication along with other treatments.

This really is why you ought to locate an eye physician (eye doctor/ophthalmologist) that may be reliable so your money will not go near waste, because Lasik eye surgery price is very costly even on only one eye alone.