DMAE improves focus and cognition

The Several Uses of DMAE Supplements

DMAE stands for Dimethylaminoethanol and it is also called Deanol. It is a unique product capable of increasing the concentration of choline in the brain, which will then promote the formation of acetylcholine. The formed acetylcholine carries out several functions in the human brain that makes the organ even more functional than ever.  The choline, once formed, will combine with acetyl Co-A in the brain and the combination forms acetylcholine.  The ability of DMAE to increase choline concentration makes it one of the most important supplements that you must take on a regular basis.  In this write-up, you will learn about the many benefits of DMAE and reason to use it regularly.

What is DMAE supplement used for? DMAE supplements have several functions and it offers all-round benefits, making it one of the best products for a holistic health.  There is a structural relationship between the naturally available choline in the body and the one obtained from DMAE. The choline generated from this product acts as naturally as the one synthesized directly by the human body due to the similarity in the chemical structures of the two substances.  Choline has several functions in the human brain and we will highlight some of them below.

  • It can improve your cognition, making it the perfect product for treating cognitive decline
  • It can help you to learn better and faster, making it the best product for a student that wants to improve his grade
  • The DMAE supplement can also increase your focus so that you can concentrate better and for longer on those very important tasks
  • Furthermore, DMAE can make your brain to function better and this will reverse any damaging health effect on the brain
  • It is also one of the best products for improving your mood and this makes it reliable for treating conditions like depression and anxiety
  • It can help to revitalize the human brain and form new memories, which makes it reliable for treating dementia
  • It is used in treating  Alzheimer’s diseases also
  • It can equally improve your performance as an athlete.


The benefits of DMAE are certain if you use the recommended dosage. The recommended dosage is between 300 and 2000 mg per day and you may end up with unwanted side effects if you go beyond this dose. The product is well tolerated and available over the counter, but it is better to consult your doctor before you start using it the doctor can use his professional expertise to detect certain health conditions that may not support the use of DMAE supplements.